About us

Hi, we are Adela and Mike. Our names tell you nothing, unlike our podcast. We are two freelancers, that are not quite there yet. What do we mean by there? Adela is a photographer, Mike is a videographer. Together we want to document our journey of becoming financially independent creators and share our story with others.

Adela started taking photographs in 2013 when she found her first DSLR camera under the Christmas tree. She wanted to be a professional photographer for a long time before that, admiring fashion photography in magazines, portrait photography online and wedding photography of her favorite actors. Her business started in 2015 with a few photography jobs here and there. She slowly started to profile herself as a wedding photographer, as this was something she was the most passionate about. Later on she names herself a love photographer and you can find out why in the first episode of the podcast.

Mike has been making videos since 2014 and more than a filmmaker he sees himself as a videographer. He puts understanding of rhythm, message and clients‘ needs in the first place well before calling his work an art. It is not just about moving pictures, video for him consists of layers and layers of various work that comes together in the final edit and that’s the reason why he doesn’t get bored—there’s always more to discover and learn. His inspiration comes from anywhere really, it can be a clever framing in an old movie as well as a dynamic edit made by YouTube’s next big creator.


What is it about?
We are two creatives from the Czech Republic with a goal of becoming independent freelancers. We talk about our projects, clients, money and everything in between.

When is the next episode coming out?
That is a secret.

What does the name Freelensers mean?
It’s a combination of words freelancers and lens, both of which are drivers for happiness in our lives. Lens also being a tool we both need to use while shooting video and photography.

Where can I get in touch?
Try our Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Can I sponsor you?
Please shoot us an email at freelenserspodcast@gmail.com