Adela’s Top Five Podcasts

December 29, 2017

In today’s blogpost, I want to introduce you to the top five podcasts that I listen to. I left the ones about business and freelancing to Mike, since we listen to the same ones more or less, and focused on a broader variety of themes and topics. Podcasts can cover just about anything and that is why I enjoy them and why I think everyone should start listening to them. Focusing on music and lifestyle, here are my top 5 podcasts.

1) Fro Knows Photo Podcast (also known as Raw Talk)

So I first started listening to podcasts on YouTube about four years ago, when I thought about doing photography. I ventured off to this platform to find some tutorials on how to use a DSLR camera and stumbled across a guy named Fro Knows Photo (aka Jared Polin). His podcast was called Raw Talk and I really enjoyed listening to it, because I learned so much from it. Jared is a very…how to put it in words…eccentric person, so people either love him or hate him. On his YouTube channel you can also find Rapid Fire Critique, which is an awesome series of him giving constructive criticism to other photographers.


2) The Mustards

Another podcast that I listen to regularly is called The Mustards. Jenny and David are a Swedish couple living in Berlin and talking mostly about minimalism and veganism. They are also quite famous on YouTube and their lifestyle is pretty appealing to me. I aspire to be more like them – have less possessions and more experiences. The topic of veganism, minimalism and ecology is very close to my heart. Even though Mike does not like them, I am trying to stir our podcast into their direction and I am very inspired by everything these two Swedes do.


3) Spinnin’ Sessions

Moving on from the spoken word more towards music, I have to add this one in. Mike introduced me to Spinnin’ Sessions about two years ago and I cannot stop listening to it. I guess Mike will tell you more about this podcast, since he is the expert when it comes to EDM music, but just note that prior to this podcast, I hated EDM. Now I love it!


4) Ladies Who Lunch

I’ve been subscribed to Ingrid Nilsen on YouTube, one of the two creators of Ladies Who Lunch podcast, for about eight years now. When I heard she had a podcast, I just had to listen to it. Ingrid came out a few years back as a lesbian and some of the episodes on this podcast are LGBTQ+ related, but I mostly enjoy the ones where the girls speak about relationships in general. One of the best episodes was called Protection Against Toxic People. I really took a lot from this episode and it has changed my life for the better.


5) Serial

This podcast falls into the story telling category. As you listen to it, you follow a true murder story that was never solved. It is very captivating and I could not stop listening to it. It resembles more of an audio book than a traditional podcast and it drags you right into the narration. The podcast has two seasons; the first one follows Adnan Syed, a young man who has been imprisoned for the murder of his girlfriend. There was no evidence that he actually did it and the podcasts examines all sides of this murder case. Season two is – at least for me – a bit least captivating, telling a story about a soldier in Afghanistan. Overall even if you are not into podcasts that much, this one is a must!