Podcast Team Building in Cabo Verde

February 27, 2019

I always call it a team building, but the truth is, it is just a vacation. A working vacation. Me and Mike both love to travel (that is why we are working hard on becoming independent, if you’re new around here) and we love to work on things that we are passionate about. So whenever we travel together, we try to spend as much time as possible working on the podcast and other creative projects. This January we set off to the beautiful islands of Cabo Verde.

I buy plane tickets on a whim. Whenever I see a good price to fly anywhere, I’m usually down for it. When I was working in France, my colleague sent me a link to buy tickets for Cabo Verde, beautiful islands in the Atlantic ocean. The roundtrip tickets cost around €120 per person and so I called Mike if he wanted to go with me. He did.

I started planning our vacation a couple of weeks before departure. That was when I found out that Cabo Verde is actually a republic on its own and not a Portuguese island. So much for doing my homework, right? That meant expensive data plan, no drinking tap water and passport needed. But luckily, starting January 1st 2019, the visa for EU citizens was cancelled and you only had to pay a special airport fee. If you’re interested in going to Cabo Verde, here’s a link to the website. Good luck with that, because it took me about 10 days to actually be able to process the payment.

The weather in Cabo Verde’s winter is dry, warm and very windy. We were there in January and the temperatures were around mild 25°C , however the wind was so strong, that I almost always wore a sweatshirt, and laying on the beach just in my bikini was impossible. On the other hand, the ocean was pretty warm.

We went to Boa Vista island and didn’t visit any other islands, unfortunately. We thought we would work and relax on the beach. Unfortunately we quickly realised that it wasn’t as relaxing and that we wanted to try out some activities. That is why we rented a quadbike and explored the whole island. That was one of the best days we’ve ever spent together.

Snorkling and fishing was also one of the activities we wanted to do, however, our local guide bailed on us at the exact moment of we were supposed to leave, and we didn’t find anyone else with a boat to take us.

Anyways, if you’re thinking about visiting Cabo Verde, and you still have questions, shoot us a message and we’ll get back to you!