Season 2 kick-off!

February 21, 2019

A few days back Mike & I have kicked-off Season 2 of our podcast! We are so excited to bring you new stories, new segments and mainly – new guests. We took a little break, recorded a bunch of great interviews, and talked to many amazing freelancers about what they do and how they started their journey.

As we already mentioned in episode 10, we enjoy structured podcasts. And since the new episodes are mostly interviews with other freelancers, we still wanted to give you an update about what is going on on our personal journeys. So we combined the two and created a new segment – The Sounds of our Lives.

We wanted to introduce the segment on our podcast in style hence we started looking for a freelancer to record us a new jingle. When Mike heard a jingle created by Bo Eun on Matt D’Avella’s podcast, he immediately knew that’s exactly what we were looking for. Working with Bo Eun was very smooth and within a very short amount of time the new jingle was born. You can listen to the whole segment of episode 11 on our YouTube channel.

We also dived into the role of journalists and interviewed a whole bunch of interesting people. Entrepreneurs, podcasters, artists and many others have joined us to tell you their stories.

For the Season 2 kick-off we decided to create a new visual style for our podcast. That includes cover art of the show, new visuals for our social networks (mostly YouTube and Instagram) and we decided to have a little photoshoot! We visited the amazing Alžběta Pilařová in her cosy studio in Prague and had so much fun while she took some of the best photographs of ourselves.

We hope you’ll enjoy the new season of the podcast! Let us know what you think.