What we learned during season 1 of our podcast

November 11, 2018

It has been almost a year since we’ve released our first episode. A lot has changed since then. We’ve learned how to speak into the microphone, it became less awkward to communicate in English between Mike and I, and we’ve also learned a bit of how to work with sound.

Season 1 of our podcast has mapped our life starting the summer of 2017 up until the summer of 2018. Both of us went through many changes and our ideas and plans have shifted a little. We are still figuring life out, we are still not fully committed to freelance, but we are both closer to the dream life we are envisioning.

Last year for us

Last year, I was working a corporate job, thinking that I will never find a job I liked, other than freelance. I quit in January and became independent. Winter season is quite dry for a wedding photographer, so I had quite some free time on my hands. I mostly used it for travel and to relax after an extremely busy fall and Christmas season.

In May, me and Mike went to Finland and had a blast. It is comforting to know that we can travel together well and not kill each other. However, soon after, I was not feeling well mentally and had to change something. So instead of fully diving into freelance photography, I moved to Belgium. You can hear more about my move in episode 10.

Mike was just finishing his job in the USA. He also had a hard time being there and promised himself never to be stuck in such a dreary job again. He came back to Prague in fall and looked for a new job. In January, he started to work for a small company and he liked it. It has now been almost 10 months and he is slowly shifting to the independent freelance life he envisioned.

Our current situation

I was recently offered a freelance job in France. I had less then 36 hours to pack everything and move to a small city in Alsace, the eastern part of France. I am currently working as an interpreter, and, although the work environment is not ideal, it is my first big opportunity that will make searching for the next interpreting and translating job much easier. Thanks to this job I’ve also learned that I enjoy doing this type of work as well.

Thanks to our podcast we get to map out our lives and look back at the important career moments and decisions we’ve made in the past. This is the main value of our podcast. Let’s hope that our lives during the second season will be even more eventful and that, with every episode published, we will be closer to our independence.