Why did we start podcasting?

January 7, 2018

I think this was actually Mike’s idea at the very beginning. I am not sure how or why he thought of this, but one day he just called me from Mexico (or was it Boston, Mike? I can’t remember!) and said We should start a podcast, what do you think? And so we did.

I was a bit shocked by this idea at first, but then I though that I should try it. The idea of doing a podcast was something so far out of my comfort zone, but I realised I needed to do these kinds of things, otherwise I would get bored with my life and, eventually, depressed. We started talking about different ideas, comparing what we enjoy about other podcasts, what we dislike, what we want to talk about on our podcast, if it should be in Czech or if we should try to speak English (which we ended up doing), if we want to get more international listeners and sponsorships.

Another huge question was How do we do this? I lived in the middle of Europe and Mike lived in the USA at that time. We eventually figured it all out, Mike bought me a microphone with a pop filter, because it was cheaper in the USA, but since we started recording right away, the mic did not arrive in time for me to use it. So we had to improvise. Mike suggested that I use the microphone on my iPhone headphones. I said Okay, let’s do it that way, then I searched for my headphones and realised mine don’t have a microphone on them.

The next day I went to a local electronics store and asked for the wanted headphones. The price was, let’s say, surprising. It was almost equal to the pro microphone that was waiting for me in the USA. We were supposed to record our first episode on that day, but I just could not buy those headphones, all I thought was What a rip off!


I went home, Skyped Mike and told him the news. We decided to use the actual microphone on an iPhone. It was working quite well, but I needed to put the iPhone somewhere, I was not going to hold it in my hand for the next three hours. The distance between the table and my mouth was too long, so I just put the phone in ma bra, in between my boobs. That worked perfectly! We ended up recording three episodes this way: episode 1 & 2 and also the unpublished episode 0, where we just practiced if we were even able to speak well enough for a podcast.

Me and Mike, we both listen to podcasts quite often. We enjoy how versatile podcasts are. You can find almost anything in a podcast: a story to listen, entrepreneurs talking about their business, freelancing advice, music, arts… You can listen to it anytime. I love listening to podcasts in the evening before falling asleep, especially when I have troubles sleeping. I also listen to it when I’m cleaning up my flat or when I am doing some sort of manual work. Mike enjoys them when he’s commuting somewhere, either on a bus or driving a car.

We think podcasting is the new big hit. When you ask the question What is a podcast? to anyone in the USA, they are most probably going to say that yeah, they know what it is and they probably listen to some. When you ask the same question here in Europe, especially in the Czech Republic, practically no one knows what it is. We strive to raise awareness about podcasts and also educate, and if not that, at least entertain some of you. That is why we do it.

And also, to reach our potential clients.